Our first week

It’s been a week since our website has gone live. During that time we have had so much amazing feedback. We have also received constructive input on ways in which we can improve our site. Specifically, adding more transparency on items one can expect to receive. This has been a challenge in some ways given the fact much or most of what we do is meant to surprise and delight.

Your concerns have been heard and we have therefore listed some examples, and even added a video to shed some insight on what one can expect to receive. Please note, I am (obviously) in no way a social-media expert. Only recently did I learn about the importance of lighting. Editing? Obviously not. But it is my hope that the ‘realness’ of my video(s) and posts will shine through.

A big thank you also to all of you who have ordered and/or subscribed thus far. We truly appreciate your business and we are looking forward to your feedback once your package arrives.

We have listened to all of you and, as some of you may have noticed already, we have made some major improvements to the website. As we continue to increase the number of our subscribers, our email following and our company,  we continue to evolve; updates and improvements will continue to be made as we grow and learn.

This afternoon, I had a conversation with Cheryl, whose mother initially inspired My POMPOM (as mentioned in the “Our Story” section). Cheryl commented that she truly believed it wasn’t the virus that was going to kill our seniors. Rather, she believed, it would be the isolation and despair associated with having little to no human contact. Stricter restrictions were implemented at her mother’s retirement residence and as a result the residents she knew were extremely depressed and suffering.

Listening to Cheryl it made me wish that My POMPOM offered suitcase sized boxes of goodies to deliver to each and every one of these people. We cannot forget, these men and women are someone’s mother or father. Someone’s friend or former colleague. Someone’s sister or brother. Someone’s child. It was heart-wrenching to hear about how much sadder her mother had become. Her mother would make comments that she didn’t want to live anymore. Cheryl would said sarcastically “God isn’t ready for ya mama.” Underneath, she knew her mother was suffering and there was little she could do to change that.

We are indeed in the depths of a very challenging time.

Although I fully realize I cannot single-handedly change the world, it is my hope that My POMPOM will serve as a vehicle to bring comfort and joy to our mothers and our fathers. That we can in some small way lessen the feelings of isolation and lonliness so many people are experiencing.

Now is the perfect time to show someone you love that you’re thinking of them.

Stay safe everyone.