About Us

Our Mission

To offer quality products, exceptional service and convenience, safely to those who need it most- while spreading joy one box at a time.”

Our Goal

We strive to put careful thought and attention into each package so that you will truly find delight in that it offers. We want you to enjoy the package start to finish!

Our Belief

You should be able to enjoy cool, new products regularly!
It’s important to treat yourself, and others, at any time, for any reason.
Life is too short not to spoil yourself and those you love.

Who can enjoy My POMPOM?

Although My POMPOM can be enjoyed and appreciated by virtually anyone, our boxes are designed with quality and convenience in mind. These packages are particularly ideal for those who live in rural areas, have mobility concerns, live independently, or have challenges accessing transportation.

Our POM-Packages are ideal for those...

Any gender will enjoy

How are these POMtastic items selected?

We pride ourselves on conducting extensive research both online and by asking new and existing customers what they would like to see in a box. Every effort is made to source Canadian manufacturers and suppliers whenever possible.

Upon choosing items we consider useability, practicality, variety, quality, and of course, providing you with Peace of Mind.

What types of goodies can I expect to get in My POMPOM?

Each Pom-box offers full-sized items from a variety of one or more of the following categories; health, pamper-products, snacks, leisure, entertainment and nutrition.

The value of each box exceeds the price of each box as we buy in bulk and pass these savings on to you.  Products are carefully selected by the POM-Team, but occasionally we may offer subscribers the option of choosing between two or more items.

Although we try our best to source Canadian manufacturers and suppliers, this may not always be possible. We encourage our customers to let us know of Canadian products they enjoy most. If the item meets our criteria, we will do our best to carry that item in the future.

I love my POM-Box and want to order the same again for others (or myself!)

We are happy you enjoy your package! Unfortunately, however as products change regularly we cannot offer packages of yester-year (or month) as they are prepared lovingly in limited quantity. Rest assured however, that future packages will offer another exciting assortment of items you will be sure to enjoy as much (or more!). We do suggest that if that are items that you truly enjoyed that you reach out to us and let us know as they will be considered to be offered again in a future package or if really popular, as an add-on option.