Frequently Asked Questions

My POMPOM is a carefully curated assortment of items thoughtfully selected to enrich and enhance your life- which are conveniently delivered to your door.

Although My POMPOM can be enjoyed and appreciated by virtually anyone, our boxes are designed with quality and convenience in mind for those living independently.  Therefore, these packages are particularly ideal for those who live in rural areas, have mobility concerns, have challenges accessing transportation etc.

Each POM-box offers thoughtfully selected items from a variety of one or more of the following categories; health, self-care, snacks, leisure, entertainment and accessories. Depending on the size of the box, you will receive 5-10 items.

We pride ourselves on conducting extensive research both online and by asking new and existing customers what they would like to see in a box. Every effort is made to source Canadian manufacturers and suppliers whenever possible. Occasionally however, availability, selection, or pricing considerations may prevent us from offering Canadian-sourced items.

My POMPOM offers several size and price options, considering all budgets and lifestyles. GET STARTED

We are happy you enjoy your package! Unfortunately, however as products change regularly we cannot offer packages of yester-year (or month) as they are prepared lovingly in limited quantity. Rest assured however that future packages will offer another exciting assortment of items you will be sure to enjoy as much (or more!). We do suggest that if that are items that you truly enjoyed that you reach out to us and let us know as they will be considered to be offered again in a future package.

Order once- Check it out and treat yourself to one (or more!) of our box selections on a one-time basis or simply to replenish some of those must-haves.

Subscribe- for Peace of Mind. We recommend this option to receive your POM-box regularly and uninterrupted. Your auto-renewal will ensure you never are left without Peace of Mind. You can subscribe either every three months, or annually (which is the best value option).

Give a Gift- choose one of our package options to send to a friend or loved-one. When requested, we will even include a handwritten card with a personal message of your choosing- free of charge!

Spread Joy- Gift a POM-RAK (Peace of Mind Random act of Kindness) to a stranger. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will make a meaningful difference in the life of someone who needs it most.

As products are ordered and shipped out regularly, it is important that you advise us as soon as possible should you wish to discontinue your service; once orders are shipped orders are not eligible for refunds.

Individual items in packages are also not eligible for partial refunds nor exchanges however, we encourage you to gift these products to friends or family, to local re-sell groups, or consider donating these items to local shelters or church groups.

Refunds are not offered at any time however if an order has been opened or tampered with, or you have a quality concern, we welcome your feedback; One of our Pomsperts will reach out to you as quickly as possible in an effort to make things right.

If your subscription auto-renewed and you wish to no longer receive your packages please reach out to us by email. In some cases, we will accept phone cancellations provided the appropriate security questions are verified to authenticate the account. Canceling your account will prevent you from receiving future boxes. Otherwise, boxes will be auto-shipped based on the subscription schedule to continue offering you Peace of Mind.

As each box is carefully packaged, some slight variations may occur which do not impact the value, quality or quantity of the box. For example, fragrances, colours, or pieces of jewelry may differ slightly. Every box, and it’s contents within it, is unique.

The element of surprise is what makes POM-boxes most exciting however we understand that people want to know what they’ll receive. To clarify, each box contains self-care items (such as lotions, soaps, body sprays), leisure items (for example, puzzles, books, journals, crafts), snack (like chocolate, nuts, popcorn) amongst other items. Each product the POM-Team has personally researched and tested ourselves. Only products which pass our high standards are considered POM-approved and worthy to be included in our packages.