Choose Your Subscription Box

Classic(al) POM-Box


Features 5-7 POM-Approved full-sized items


Jazzy POM-Box


Offers 6-8 POM-Approved full-sized items including a few of those featured in the Classic(al) box

Doo-Wop Deluxe POM-Box


Provides several of the
 goodies from the Classic(al) and Jazzy POM-Boxes, plus  exciting extras, making it our most
comprehensive offering!

Select your Random Act of Kindness POM-Box

Make someone’s day brighter with a POM-Surprise by sending them a Random Act of Kindness. *Common side effect: feelings of joy which may be accompanied with an unexpected warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Random Act of Kindness POM-Box

Our POM-Team will gift this box on your behalf to someone in need. Our relationships with various organizations assist us with finding worthy individuals who would appreciate your generous surprise. For example, those who have no family or regular contact with friends.

Random Act of Kindness POM-Box Shipped

This RAK POM-Box will be mailed to you and you choose who you wish to gift the box of treats to. Perhaps a neighbour who lives on their own, or someone you see regularly alone at a nearby coffee shop.

Ring-A-Ding-Ding POM-Box

Offered annually, this is our limited-edition, PPP (pamper-plus-package) $84.95

(coming autumn 2021)