Refunds and Returns


As products are ordered and shipped out regularly, it is important that you advise us as soon as possible should you wish to discontinue your service; once orders are shipped orders are not eligible for refunds.

Individual items in packages are also not eligible for partial refunds nor exchanges however, we encourage you to gift these products to friends or family, to local re-sell groups, or consider donating these items to local shelters or church groups.

Refunds are not offered at any time however if an order has been opened or tampered with, or you have a quality concern, we welcome your feedback; One of our Pomsperts will reach out to you as quickly as possible in an effort to make things right.

If your subscription auto-renewed and you wish to no longer receive your packages please reach out to us by email. In some cases, we will accept phone cancellations provided the appropriate security questions are verified to authenticate the account. Canceling your account will prevent you from receiving future boxes. Otherwise, boxes will be auto-shipped based on the subscription schedule to continue offering you Peace of Mind.